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Luxury Golf Experience in Scotland

Luxury Golf Experience in Scotland


A dream opportunity to bring friends and family together in a totally private venue surrounded by some of the most iconic golf courses in Scotland – the home of golf.

The House of Turin offers a “private estate for exclusive hire” for those who treasure the need for privacy while they enjoy the beauty of Scotland.

This delightful property dates back to 1659 and can accommodate up to 16 guests. One can explore the wide variety of facilities, which include a private bar, swimming pool, whisky room and wine cellar (after all – this is Scotland!).


Day One

Arrival at Edinburgh or Aberdeen Airport

Meet and greet by Chinese Speaking Staff

Transport to House of Turin

Welcome Scottish Dinner in formal dining room

Whisky tasting experience in the Whisky room

House of Turin side photo

Day Two

Breakfast is served at House of Turin

Depart for Golf at Carnoustie Links home of the Open 2018

Lunch at Carnoustie Golf Hotel

Visit to Whisky and Vodka Distillery

Return to House of Turin for dinner

View of the golf grounds and people golfing on the Championship Course at Carnoustie Golf Links. Stormy grey sky.Hole 15, 15th hole. Golfers.

Day three

Breakfast is served at House of Turin

Depart for Golf at St Andrews New Course and entry to ballot for Old Course

Lunch at leisure in St Andrews

Shopping Experience in St Andrews

Depart St Andrews for Clay pigeon shooting

Chinese Style Dinner in Dundee

Return to House of Turin

old course bridge

Day Four

Breakfast is served at House of Turin

Golf at Gleneagles – home of the Ryder Cup 2014

Lunch in Gleneagles Hotel

Falconry and off road driving experience – optional

Return to House of Turin for cocktails

Depart for Glamis Castle Experience – Gala Dinner in Royal Dining Room – optional

Glamis castle

Day Five

Breakfast is served at House of Turin

 Morning Departures for Airport


Luxury Golf Experience in Scotland